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Jeanette Nogales LCMHC, M.Ed., CAGS
Therapy Sessions

We're in this Together:

Are you looking for freedom from the traps of unwanted obsessions and compulsions? Are you struggling with anxiety, panic, a specific phobia, or other anxiety-related disorders impacting your valued living? Whether you are a parent aching from the pain of watching your child suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) or an anxiety disorder, or you are looking for answers for yourself, I'm here to help.

If OCD or anxiety affects you or someone you love, you are not alone. Let me help you

move towards a meaningful and valued life worth living and sharing. I will teach you how to notice, face, and navigate what has been getting in the way in a more helpful and

meaningful way.

Clients are provided compassionate and individualized care utilizing evidence-based

treatments for OCD and anxiety-related disorders. Treatment is provided to 

adolescents, teens, adults, and families willing and ready to do the hard work. If you are prepared and willing to dedicate the time and energy to reclaim your life, I will walk with you to overcome

your battle.

My Approach

The OCD and Anxiety Center for Change is a virtual specialty practice. I specialize in cognitive behavioral therapies such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP). Both of which are evidence-based treatments that are effective and recommended treatments for

OCD and anxiety-related disorders.

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About me

Jeanette Nogales is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor providing therapeutic services to adolescents, teens, adults, and families.


Jeanette has received extensive training in cognitive-behavioral therapies such as acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) and exposure and response prevention (ERP) for the treatment of OCD and anxiety-related disorders.

Getting Help

Looking for OCD treatment? Anxiety treatment? Whether it has taken you days, weeks, months, or even years to find your way here, you have finally found the path to education, healing, and living a meaningful and valued life. You are loved, worthy, and valuable just the way you are. I can help you do the work.

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