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Insurance & Rates

The OCD and Anxiety Center for Change believes in individualized care for your needs and does not accept insurance. Each individual and circumstances are unique, and more time can be spent paying attention to what matters if we are not restricted. Insurance companies can impose limitations on the type and duration of treatment, and these limitations can adversely affect treatment outcomes. For example, many of the treatments offered at The OCD & Anxiety Center for Change are more effective if they can be implemented through multiple sessions per week, and for multiple hours per session; this is referred to as “intensive treatment.” Furthermore, treatment is more effective if treatment can be offered outside of the office setting (e.g., in the home, at school/work, public places, driving). Some insurance companies do not reimburse for intensive treatments or treatment provided outside of the Provider’s office, and as a result, you may not benefit as quickly or as fully in treatment. By not contracting with insurance companies, you and I can make treatment decisions with your best interests in mind, thereby increasing your chances of reaching your treatment goals in a timely manner.


The practice also values patient confidentiality. As a self-pay practice, your treatment will not become part of your permanent medical record with your insurance company unless you notify them.


The initial 60-minute intake appointment is billed at $240 and subsequent sessions are billed at $200 per 50-minute appointment. Sessions lasting longer (or shorter) than 50 minutes will be pro-rated according to the hourly rate in 5-minute increments.


​If your insurance policy offers “out-of-network” rates for your sessions you may request that I provide you with a superbill. It is recommended that you contact your insurance company to verify your out-of-network benefits prior to entering into treatment. 

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